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Ways to Help Ukrainian Refugees

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A Ukrainian charity that raises money to provide soldiers returning from the war with necessary technology, training, and direct support to readjust to civilian life.


UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Adding to that, UNITED24 provides fund distribution reports every week. Your donations will be used for the three main causes: Medical Aid, Defense, and the reconstruction of Ukraine.


Serhiy Prytula has been working as a private volunteer since the start of Russian-Ukrainian war in 2014. His organization initially gathered necessary supplies such as uniforms, food, and armor, but has since began gathering money for equipment, weapons, and high technology devices necessary in battle. They also work on humanitarian aid and have offices in both Poland and Lviv to provide more efficient supply shipment.


A volunteer organization run by paramedics. The organization was founded in 2014 by Yana Zinkevich. Their official slogan is “For the sake of every life”, and the thousands of people who were saved by them can most certainly prove it. 


“CARE” works all over the world to provide help for those in need. Their main goals are to conquer poverty and injustice, and achieve social justice. The organization provides various
volunteer and donation opportunities.


The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund is a country-based pooled fund, organized by The
United Nations Foundation. Your donation will be used to help out suffering communities and refugees, getting them necessary supplies, water, and food.


Project HOPE has existed for over 60 years and saved countless
lives. The organization works on the front lines of the world’s biggest threats, helping people to get medical treatments and supplies. They have played a crucial role in
helping out Ukrainian refugees.


The Global Giving Fund connects multiple charity organizations with volunteers in almost any country in the world. The foundation has multiple donation opportunities. 


Social Media

You can use your social media profiles to raise awareness about the ongoing war using this tag: #StandWithUkraine. This way, war and the tragic events do not disappear from the news, and the public can see the truth. Every tag matters, no matter how many followers you may have. 


This platform connects helpers and volunteers from different parts of the country. The platform renews daily and provides volunteers with various opportunities. 


People from all over the globe that can help have been booking apartments/houses listed from Ukrainian hosts. Airbnb also accepts donations to provide housing for refugee families and relief workers.


This network provides volunteer opportunities for those eager to help. There are many options including sorting medical supplies, working with translators, and more.

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