Our Programs

A multifaceted approach to combatting the refugee crisis



There are over 30 million children displaced throughout the world, the majority of whom will never have access to a high school education. SFR works to improve this situation through the funding of educational facilities and sponsoring the education of individual students in affected countries. In our very first fundraiser, it took SFR just two days to sell out on "Refugees Welcome" stickers, t-shirts, and baked goods that we sold in order to send our first refugee child to school! All the proceeds that we raise will go to carefully vetted 501(c)(3) charities. We have just finished building a school in Jordan with The Syria Fund  to send over 150 displaced Syrian children to school! Through your donations, we raised over $87,000 and will be able to change many children's lives. We are now fundraising for the various needs of our local resettlement agencies and continuing to fund additions to the Sal School in Jordan.



SFR initially got involved with the Refugee Crisis through resettlement efforts in Westchester County, and remains deeply involved with the various organizations that we worked with. Through contact with resettlement organizations such as IRIS, HIAS, Catholic Charities, Westchester Refugee Task Force, and the UNHCR,  S.F.R is proud to be able to help resettle and support refugee families currently living in the United States. Currently, we volunteer with many local organizations by gathering and organizing clothing, moving furniture, babysitting, providing social support, and aiding with the children's smooth transition into school! 



Despite the fact that the United Nations has clearly defined what a refugee is, there are still many people whose perceptions of refugees have been skewed. SFR believes that in order to truly make progress with the current Refugee Crisis, the narrative of a refugee must be changed from one of hate, to one of understanding. By organizing and attending public events/marches against intolerance and going into elementary schools to teach about the crisis, SFR hopes to not only educate, but to also bring more support to this pressing world issue.