Our Programs

A multifaceted approach to combatting the refugee crisis



S.F.R. is working to raise funds to support educational facilities and individual student programs in affected countries as well as supporting local refugees. We fundraise through both in-school fundraisers selling "Refugees Welcome" stickers and bracelets, t-shirts, and baked goods and larger online donor networks, giving the proceeds to carefully vetted 501(c)(3) charities. With a focus on education, our organization has raised over $87,000 to assist in building a school in Jordan with The Syria Fund to send over 150 displaced Syrian children to school. We are now continuing to fundraise, so that we can provide more supplies for the school as well as build additions to it.



As part of our commitment to the local refugee community, S.F.R. is deeply involved in resettlement efforts in Westchester County. Working with our partner organizations, such as Hearts and Homes for Refugees and other members of the Westchester Refugee Initiative, S.F.R is able to help resettle and support refugee families currently living in the United States. Aiming to ease families’ transition and provide support, our resettlement efforts aid families in our local communities. In conjunction with our partners, we assist by organization logistical support and providing social support through babysitting, recreational activities, and assisting in parents’ and children’s transitions to the community.


Misinformation and skewed perceptions of refugees persist. Part of our mission at S.F.R. is fighting against narratives of hate by shifting perceptions towards those of understanding. To further this, we run programs in our own community to spread awareness, traveling to local elementary and middle schools to educate the next generation about the refugee crisis and how to help, as well as holding public workshops to educate the community on related issues such as PTSD and Islamophobia. We take action on advocacy ourselves by attending and organizing protests and marches in order to further advocate for our cause.