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Policies Affecting Refugees Within the United States

The Presidential Determination (PD): ​​

This authorizes the President, along with Congress, to determine the limit for the number of refugees that the US will allow into the country. The average since 1980, when it was enacted, has been 95,000 refugees per year. The Biden administration set the limit at 125,000 refugees in 2021, allowing for a greater number of refugees than the previous administration’s limit of 18,000 refugees.

Ban on People from Majority Muslim Countries:

In 2017, the Trump Administration issued a series of discriminatory executive orders that prevented refugees and people from majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States. The ban was extended to six additional countries in early 2020.

Presidential Proclamation Requiring Private Health Insurance:

This proclamation requires people applying for immigrant visas to acquire health insurance within thirty days of entry to the United States. This is specifically harmful to low-income immigrants.

Refugee Resettlement Order:

This executive order says that refugee settlement may only occur in places where the state and local governments have given consent. This creates division and limits refugee resettlement.

Terminating TPS:

The Trump Administration announced the termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for countries including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal, and Haiti. This resulted in thousands of people losing lawful status in the US. This could also force many people to return to unsafe living situations in the countries they emigrated from.


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