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Hello! I'm Savannah, a rising senior at Riverdale Country School in New York. I have always been very passionate about helping and advocating for others. I volunteer with CAMBA (Church Avenue Merchant Block Association), a nonprofit organization that aims to help those in need, particularly refugees. Through my work with CAMBA and in light of the recent refugee crisis in Ukraine, I decided to create this website! This website is a platform to not only blog my experience, but also share refugee experiences and resources where they can find aid, in addition to ways for people to help.

In the "Blog" section of the website, I write about my volunteering experiences and the knowledge I have gained about refugee crises around the world. The "Resources for Refugees Section" has links that refugees can access for support. The "Ways to Help" section has links to organizations and donation opportunities to help refugees. In the "Refugee Stories" section, there are direct accounts from refugees about their experiences, compiled by Inga Zakrevskaya, a Ukrainian student and refugee. Sharing refugee stories is an extremely valuable way to highlight the challenges that refugees constantly face. 

I hope that you find this website insightful and, more importantly, that it inspires you to take action to help refugees! 



My name is Inga Zakrevska and I am a senior at Oaks Christian School. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but I moved to the United States in 2021 to pursue better academic opportunities. When I returned to Ukraine for the holidays in February 2022, the Russian invasion began, so I witnessed all of the horrors of war and the refugee experience myself.


I have a strong desire to help people and share the experiences of other refugees. Long before this project, I was looking for and compiling materials for volunteers and refugees elsewhere in the world. Some of my interests are history and philosophy, and I also enjoy science fiction and psychology.

Every little bit matters, so please consider helping Ukraine.

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